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100% Canada Made Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this is one holiday you should never procrastinate on. Moms are the most important people on this earth, and they deserve a Mother’s Day that is carefully planned and thoughtful. So, keep it classy and keep it Canadian with these awesome, 100% Canada Made gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

100% Soy Candles Made in Canada

Anyone can run to the nearest department store and pick up some scented candles to use as their Mother’s Day gifts, but you’re not just anyone, and your mom isn’t either. However, we aren’t saying candles aren’t good Mother’s Day gifts. We’re just saying that a little more time and dedication put into the purchase will make a huge difference.

For example, choosing 100% soy candles keeps your mother’s home, essence, and health in mind. They’re a natural alternative to other waxy, toxin-filled candles, yet they smell just as delicious. Oh, and did we forget to mention that they burn longer too!

Rings as Mother’s Day Gifts

Rings are always great Mother’s Day gift ideas. What mom doesn’t want jewelry from the little rugrats they raised into amazing human beings? Unfortunately, not all rings are created equally. You certainly don’t want to gift your mom with a ring that leaves her finger green after an hour of wearing it. So, always steer clear of costume jewelry that you find on cheap stands at the majority of your favourite fashion stores. Instead, sterling silver is the way to go! They’re affordable on your bank, yet appear quite the opposite when worn.

Candles with Rings Inside

What’s better than the two previous gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Combining them into one. However, not all candles with rings inside are created equally either. In fact, you’d be surprised at how many companies put cheap, outdated, finger-turning-green kind-of jewelry in their candles. Plus, some are American candles with rings inside and you’ll pay a hefty price on the conversion and shipping.

So, stick with 100% Canada candles with rings hidden inside. It gives your mom the jewelry she admires and the candles she loves lighting in her home. Oh, and our candles with rings inside won’t break the bank either. It's a win-win?!

100% Canadian Maple Bath Bombs

There’s no scent like the Canadian maple syrup scent! Your mom likely uses plenty of it within her home baked goods. So, why not let her take a day from being mom and let her rest and relax in the humble scents that turn her house into a home? Our maple bath bombs are the perfect way for your mom to wind down at the end of the day, and the scent may even encourage her to bake up a storm, which of course, no ones complaining about that! 

Shop these awesome, 100% Canada Made gift ideas for Mother’s Day today at Royal Canadian Candles. You’ll have thoughtful gifts for your mom in no time. 


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