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5 Tips to Stay Safe and Prevent Candle Fires in your House

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Soy candles are awesome for sparking a light in your life, but the last thing you want them to do is light a spark in your house. Readers Digest reported that candles are one of the top 10 reasons house fires occur, and SGI Canada reported that 45% of all candle fires are a result of them being left unattended. So needless to say, we could all use some safe candle-burning tips!

For starters though, you’ll be happy to know that all of our Canadian made 100% soy candles are encased in a clear glass container, which won’t light up regardless of how long they’re burning. And chances are you’ll be burning them a lot to get the hidden ring inside of them – and for the incredible aroma as well.

So to ensure a happy and safe Royal Canadian Candle experience, here are some candle-burning tips to prevent candle fires in your house.

Be Aware of Your Candles’ Surroundings

It takes as little as a small draft or movement in a room to shift a candle flame, and if there’s something close enough, it could go up in flames. They may look great on the windowsill or on a bookcase, but fabrics and paper can light up way too quickly. So always be aware of the items that surround your 100% soy candles. As a rule of thumb, make sure the candle is away from anything that can burn by at least 12 inches.

Keep Candles Away from Pets and Children

I would say, keep your pets and kids away from candles, but we all know that can be a near impossible task at times. So instead, keep your candles away from areas that your pets and children frequent. While candles certainly add a unique ambiance to the living room, a curious child or wagging tail can quickly tip them over.

Store Lighters and Matches in a Safe Place

Candles aren’t always the culprits to house fires, and lighters and matches can be just as dangerous, if not more so. Make sure you store all lighting materials in a safe (and secret) place, especially if you have children. For some odd reasons, children seem to be fascinated with playing with fire… and this is just never an opportunity you want to provide.

Don’t Light your Candles when You’ll Be Distracted

It’s easy to light a candle and then slip into the words of a good novel, or television show. However, even the slightest distraction can result in a fire if you aren’t careful. So, when you light our Canadian made candles, make sure that you’ll be paying attention and that the candle is in your sight at all times.

Replace your Royal Canadian Candle When it’s 2 Inches or Less

You should actually never burn a candle right to the bottom. Plus, once a candle only has approximately 2 inches left, there’s not much to burn anyway . You’ll also have your hidden jewelry worth anywhere from $50-$5000 by then.

Candles aren’t dangerous, but candle burning can be dangerous if you don’t enjoy their stunning ambiance appropriately. Follow these tips and shop our amazing collection of 100% soy candles made in your very own home and native land. 


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