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7 Jewelry Trends of Rings Hidden in Candles at Royal Canadian Candles

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Spring season is officially here and we have plenty of trending rings hidden in candles here at Royal Canadian Candles. With many companies jumping on the rings in candles craze, it’s important for you to know what type of rings you could melt away. Believe it or not, but some companies even put tacky costume jewelry in candles, and a green finger is a serious fashion faux pas.

Here are Canadian Candles, all of our rings are made of quality sterling silver. You don’t have to worry about revealing any junk that typically comes from candy machines at an arcade. We follow the jewelry trends and ensure that the rings hidden in candles are just as beautiful as our soy scents. They also range from $80 to $5000!

Shop our rings hidden inside candles today and find out which jewelry trend you’ll be rocking on your finger this season.

Layer Them Up

There once was a time where you only wore a ring or two on your finger but those days are so far beyond us. This spring season, the jewelry trends are all about layering up on the thin rings and decorating every finger in some glamour.

Make a Statement

If having your finger decked out with several different rings isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy this jewelry trend much more. Instead of wearing a bunch of little styles to get the look, you can rock a big, bold statement ring to get the trending style of the season.

Midi Rings for a Full Finger Effect

Gone are the days when you wore rings at the bottom of your finger. Celebrities across the globe are now decorating in between their top knuckles for an effortlessly cool look.

Arrows Point to the Jewelry Trends

Arrows point in the direction of jewelry trends. They’re super boho chic and just as beautiful when added into your wardrobe.

Inverted Gemstones for Originality

It’s like backwards day, only inside out. The inverted gemstone jewelry trend is truly unique. This jewelry trend adds something into an often been-there-done-that industry.

Chunky is Chic

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum, you’ll find chunky jewelry trends that date back to the 70s. With both dainty rings and chunky jewelry being a season’s favourite, you can truly switch up the appeal of your wardrobe simply by changing your rings.

Coloured Gems

You’ll find plenty of coloured gems in the rings hidden inside candles here in Canada. We love black gems, red gems, green gems – oh my. If it’s a colour, you could very well be revealing it from your next Royal Canadian Candles.

When you purchase our rings inside candles, you get on-point fashion trends, stunning jewelry valued from $80-$5000, and a beautiful way to express yourself. Oh, and the delicious scents found within all of our 100% soy candles is a nice touch!

Shop today and decorate your wardrobe, ladies. 


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