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The New Way to Propose with a Ring Hidden Inside a Candle

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Making a promise to the future takes a lot of time to prepare. Engagements are getting more creative each year, and you definitely want to come up with a proposal that will show the amount of love, time and thought you put into this moment.

The nerves are real, and you only get one chance to make it right. You get one chance to create a moment that will be forever treasured, and presenting a proposal ring to the special someone in your life has never been easier – and more amazing – than with Royal Canadian Candles.

The trend of hiding rings inside of a candle can do more than simply provide enjoyment and incredible aromas that fill the air. It can be the perfect way to give a gift that says more than just, “I love you”. It can also say, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

It’s a big question to ask, and you want to do it right.

With Royal Canadian Candles, there’s a ring hidden inside each that ranges in value from $50-$5000. But as every woman knows (and you should know as well), the proposal isn’t about the value of the ring. It’s about the moment.

You can also propose confidently knowing that even if a lower valued ring is hidden inside the candle you gift to your loved one, it’ll never be costume jewelry. At Royal Canadian Candles, we don’t put in “cheap” styles. We put in quality sterling silver jewelry that ranges in value depending on the fine, delicate details and stone.

Of course, if you want to ensure a quality ring or have an engagement ring already picked out, you can shoot us an email to see what options are available. We believe in creating special moments and memories with our customers.

The special person in your life will think they’re just getting a unique 100% soy candle, but when they light the flame, they will soon find out that there’s more than just invigorating scents hidden within.

So, let Royal Canadian Candles take care of the details that matter the most, which is of course, how you’ll present the engagement ring. Shop our collection today, and let us help you create a moment that will last a lifetime. 


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