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Nature's Unity

Nature's Unity, a division of Royal Canadian Candles, is our holistic line dedicated to your wellbeing - physically, mentally, spiritually.

Our products are not meant to supersede any prescriptions or Doctor's advice, but instead work in unity with them.

Starting with our aroma therapy candles with in special in house blending for anxiety, focus, restful sleep and others

Our essential oil blends have shown to assist with nausea due to chemo treatments, allergies, sleeplessness etc.

Whether you prefer our bath salts or bath/foot bombs you will find yourself melting the stress of the day away while nourishing your skin with minerals and oils:

"I love the way it makes my skin feel" - Lillian C.

 "This is amazing I can feel it working" - Ann C

Our Butter melt balm designed for anything from beards

 "It made my beard soft and my girlfriend loves the smell" - Codie M 

to skin care and irritations.

"I can't believe how fast it worked" Ronnie H

We are able to work with our clients to determine what product is best suited for their needs.

Like it's parent company Nature's Unity takes pride in its' products using the best possible ingredients

including Kosher salts, vegan friendly soy wax, bees wax, essential oils camphor, peppermint,  ginger,  tangerine, winter green green tea,  black tea,  grapefruit,  sage, cedar,  tea tree, eucalyptus,  basil, lemon, bergamot, cedarwood, white sage, fir, frankincense, orange, ho wood and many others. In addition to nature rich oils such as coconut, grape. apricot, olive and many others depending on the blend.

 As some oils are rare and difficult to stock on occasion, availability and prices may vary, however we endeavor to make this a moot point.