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Bath bombs with our essential oil blends can be used to stand up to the challenge of even the most difficult day

We can produce bath bombs dedicated to seasonal needs such as allergies or skin irritation; however we also can produce wellness bombs that can be blended to your specific desire or need - just contact us to discuss

A partial list of oils used in our bath bombs includes:

camphor,   peppermint,  ginger,  tangerine, bassua oil,  grape seed oil,  winter green

green tea,  black tea,  grapefruit,  sage, cedar,  tea tree, eucalyptus,  basil, lemon, bergamot,

cedarwood, white sage, fir, frankincense, orange, ho wood


As some oils are rare and difficult to stock on occasion, availability and prices may vary, however we endeavor to make this a moot point.


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