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Crystal Tea Lights

Crystal Tea Lights

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Transform your living space into a tranquil oasis with our Gemstone Tea Lights. Each set includes six crystal tea lights that bring an ambiance of serenity and relaxation. Whether for a special occasion or to create an intimate atmosphere, these tea lights are sure to bring a sense of peace and comfort to any space. Choose your favourite crystal and enjoy!
You can purchase each tea light individually or all of them in a pack of 6.

Tiger Eye

The natural beauty of the tiger eye adorns the top of each tea light. They are said to bring confidence, strength, and balance to your soul, while also protecting against negative energy. Enjoy the power of these gemstones in the comfort of your home.


The  hypnotic amethyst crystals will  help to bring clarity and peace of mind. Aromatherapy with these tea lights can ease joint pain and soothe an overactive mind while providing a calming atmosphere. Embrace tranquility with these exclusive crystal tea lights.


Add sparkle and positive energy to your space with our handcrafted luxurious Dalmatian Jasper. Unique patterning absorbs chaotic energy and depletes negative vibes, replacing them with positivity and self-confidence. Relax in the ambience created by this sublime stone, free from the worries of nightmares and anxiety.


Be transported to a tranquil space with the invigorating energy of our jade crystals. Instantly experience a sense of peace, harmony and abundance. Feel your spiritual energy come alive and reap the benefits of a deeply calming and restorative experience.

Red Agate

Discover the fiery energy of red agate crystal, designed to help bring grounding, stabilizing properties, and inner harmony to your life. Balance your physical and emotional energies and enjoy a sense of calm and well-being with this unique piece. Achieve inner peace and heal anxiety every time you lite it


Create a warm and comforting atmosphere with the Citrine crystal. Featuring the power of the sun, its luminous energy will help you overcome fear and awaken to an enhanced feeling of joy and positivity, leaving you feeling more optimistic and positive.

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